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FHA Mortgage Insurance Price Cut Is Trumped: What Impact Will It Really Have?

By Jonathan Smoke | Jan 25, 2017  Reposted from Realtor.com, read original post here. AntonioGuillem/iStock Aspiring first-time buyers in January got a new year’s fake-out from the government. On Jan. 9, Julian Castro, then secretary of Housing and Urban Development, announced a reduction in the annual mortgage insurance premium. The change, aimed at lower-income borrowers, would affect new loans insured […]

The Misleading Math Behind the Rent vs. Buy Calculation

By Jonathan Smoke | Feb 17, 2017 Original article can be read here  KTSDESIGN/iStock There’s about $13.1 trillion stashed away in the United States, in plain sight. Where? In our homes! Do we have your attention yet? That’s the total value of the equity held by over 75 million U.S. homeowners, according to the latest estimates from the […]

How a $40M Duo is Leading a Luxury Auction Brokerage Branch

How a $40M duo is leading a luxury auction brokerage branch 2 real estate professionals take the high-profile marketing tactic to San Diego By Gill South | Dec. 28, 2016, inman.com The grand, revered auction rooms of Christie’s and Sotheby’s in London, Paris and New York — which sell millions of dollars of fine art, antiques and jewelry […]

The Odd Tale of the $1 Historic Home That No One Wants

The Odd Tale of the $1 Historic Home That No One Wants By Claudine Zap | Nov 3, 2016 , realtor.com Holly Smyth, City of Hercules You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: The San Francisco Bay Area is a pricey place to live, where even decrepit shacks command six-figure sales. But what if we told you there’s […]

Poll: These are the biggest first-time homebuyer mistakes

Poll: These are the biggest first-time homebuyer mistakes And the biggest piece of reader advice: ‘Listen to your real estate agent!’ PUBLISHED ON NOV 2, 2016 BY MARIAN MCPHERSON STAFF WRITER, Inman.com Key Takeaways We asked Inman readers about the biggest mistakes they’ve seen first-time homebuyers make. These were the top three: not talking to a lender […]

Zillow and Move Settle Trade Secrets Lawsuit for $130M

Before the settlement, the case was scheduled to go to jury trial today. None of the parties admitted any liability, wrongdoing or responsibility in the settlement agreement, according to a Zillow Group public filing. The agreement stipulates Zillow will pay the funds in full by June 20. Move’s co-plaintiff, the National Association of Realtors, is […]

Love Thy Neighbor’s House? Why You May Want to Buy It

Some homeowners looking to expand in hot real-estate markets like New York and Los Angeles are finding creative ways to buy the home next door By CANDACE TAYLOR Feb. 11, 2016 10:05 a.m. ET Every month for years, Heidi Cornell-McKenna paid $8,000 to her elderly neighbor in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. In exchange, she earned […]